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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I love this Ongoongolelei 6/1/2014

So this week was really good! Sad and good at the same time! So Sitivent bailed... He never showed up to the lessons and I guess it was all a joke or he just got into something with his family... We kept seeing him but he would avoid us so it was really sad! But on the bright side we were able to get 3 new investigators in Ha'akio! All girls 18, 18, and 14 and they are all really really.... Cool! They are all really shy and nervous to talk to us so we just try and make them laugh and help them trust us! The family we got them from is a good family but not good fellow shippers... Luckily there is another 18 year old girl that is LDS staying there! She is really cool and helps a lot! The investigators always ask her questions then when we come back she asks us hahaha!!!! At least they're listening! But I feel good about them I just want them to accept the gospel! It's hard watching so many deny it. I just want someone to accept it and watch the happiness grow in their lives! It truly is a blessing to bring the Ongoongolelei to all these people. Ongoongolelei (Gospel) Literal meaning (Good News)

So Saturday we had a full day of Ngaue ofa! Service! It was really fun! We built a fence! It was a good time in the pouring rain! We were all muddy from head to toes and soaking wet! But It was an awesome time getting closer with the members through hard labor and taking a shower with the mud! HA ha!

Today after netting we are going to the Tahi (Ocean) with two rascals named Tevita and Loma! I love these kids! So I'll have an adventure to tell about next week!

The work is good! I love it! I love and miss you! Keep reading the B.O.M! I just finished it again and started yesterday! So get going!

Ofa lahi atu!

Elder Swan
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