Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Very slow week! 10/26/2014

Not much happened this week! We had a stake meeting with all the ward councils! Our zones got up and spoke and shared our numbers! In one week in just our zone we only had 11 lessons with members... That is awful! As you can see the work is slow here and we are just trying to find people to teach! We really need to go see Amanaki as we didn't get to see him last week! I'm just so stressed and I don't know what else to do to help the work progress! Its hard that's for sure!
So Pres. decided to come this week! So we'll see. Who knows! There are 2 Elders in my district who keep getting reported by the members in Houma... So Pres. is really upset with them so they might either be moved or sent home!

Shayler looks awesome! He looks like a totally different kid! I can't wait to see him! I can see how he is different! In all honesty I'm so used to having nothing! I'm used to giving things away like it is nothing! I can't imagine coming home and seeing all these Electronics and tiny touch phones... It's gonna be hard but I guess if I can adapt to Tonga I can adapt to back home!

Well that's about it. Not much huh... Well I hope there is more next week! Please just keep me and my comp in your prayers!
I love you all! Tell Shay I love and miss him!
Elder Swan

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lord is it I? 10/19/2014

Zone Conference
Thanks for such an uplifting and wonderful e mail! I appreciate
it more than you could ever know and that picture Tanner took of the
Temple needs to be sent to the church or something because it is
amazing! It makes me miss home so much! 

This week was really good! We had our Zone Conference with President
Tupou and it was really good! It was all on Chapter 8 of Preach my
Gospel! Most of it was about weekly planning and taking care of the
Lords sheep by keeping records. We talked about D&C 84: 37-38. It says
"He who accepts my Father will receive the Kingdom of my Father;
Therefore all that my Father has shall be given thee." That's a rough
translation from Tongan! But, when we teach, that is something we must
remember! God doesn't want to just forgive them their sins! He wants
to give them everything He has! So that's the theme of Misiona Tonga
right now! "Begin with the end in mind" or "Fakakaukau ki he
ngata'anga mei he kamata'anga!" We cant just think to baptism. We
must think to Missionary work, Temple Marriages and Eternal life and
even more, receiving everything that the Father has! Before the
meeting I personally prepared myself by many prayers and a little
sacrifice that I would receive the knowledge I needed from the meeting
and continue to use it in my work! As the meeting went on I found
random thoughts entering my mind and I would write them down! One of
them was "Lord is it I?"  And Then I thought of ways I could work
harder to help the work progress in this area! While one of the A.P's
was teaching I had all these thoughts to help our investigators come
to my mind. I wrote them down and discussed them with my companion! It
was a wonderful meeting and I learned a lot! As for the interviews
nobody got one because we ended the meeting at 9:00 pm. So Pres. is
coming back this week to interview us! I'm excited!

As for Amanaki we are preparing for this week! He wasn't able to
contact his dad but we are still trying! I know he will someday and he
will be a great leader in the church!
Other than that not much happened! We are still trying to work
together with the ward. I ask that you guys will help the missionaries
as much as possible! If they need anything give it to them!  Thank
Well, I love you all and I hope this week goes as well as last!
Ofa lahi atu,
Elder swan

P.S. Congrats to Britt,  it's about time!!! I was nervous I was gonna
get married before her hahahaha! Jokes!
Elder Lutui (my companion)
Draper Temple 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Such a Spiritual Week 10/12/2014

Amanaki, me and Elder Patey
I'll start by answering questions~

The sisters are a lot more obedient! Haha They work really hard and always bring a smile and laugh to the meetings!

It is very hot here right now as it is in the Summer months!

I haven't been able to buy anything yet.

All my buddies are doing awesome!

Pres. comes to Vava'u every three months! He tries to interview with us all but I haven't interviewed with him for 6 months or more! He actually is coming Wednesday so I'm excited for that!

About the package just said anything you want! I like things that bring back memories! Like candy or idk anything! I also want a copy of the conference edition of the ensign! I got to listen to it in Tongan so I didn't quite get all the details!

So this week started off as the most Spiritual week of my life! After I e- mailed you on Monday we walked to Koloa, a 5 mile walk to meet with Amanaki. We taught him lesson 3 which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was probably one of the best lessons I have ever taught and the most Spiritual also! The Spirit was there and He felt it! We invited him to be baptized and he said "Pau  ke u a'u ki ai!" Which pretty much means "I will make it there! It's for sure" He just wasn't sure when! So on Wednesday we taught the commandments to him! He understood them all and committed to living them all. We asked when he would like to be baptized and he said Wednesday the 22nd. Me, thinking he was ready now to be baptized said, If that's what you think is best then I agree lets do it but In all honesty I think you are ready! I know you are ready and I was thinking Saturday the 18th! He smiled and said First I need to call my dad and get permission and if I get it by Saturday then Saturday it is! If not, then Wednesday! I trust you! (His dad is the Preacher of the Wesleyan Church so please pray that he will answer yes!)  So we will find out this week when he will be baptized! I have honestly never felt this way towards another person in my life! When I first met Amanaki I felt like I knew him from somewhere! Thinking about it I am pretty positive I knew him before the Earth was created! He may be the reason why I'm here in Tonga! in Tu'anekivale! I have the deepest love for this young man and I am so happy I was able to find him when we did!

Conference was great I loved Richard G. Scott's talk in the Sunday afternoon session! He said a few things I loved! "Family prayer should be a non-negotiable priority in your daily life" also "Feasting upon the word of God is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, and social media."  And the last thing  "Don't let anyone or anything prevent you from going to the Temple!" How amazing are all those things! I also enjoyed Carlos A. Godoy's talk about making choices! I like the question he invites us to think about "If we continue to live as we are living, will the promised blessings be fulfilled?" If there needs to be a change then lets make that change! Do all you can to receive the promised blessings from our Patriarchal blessings! Go to the temple when you have a difficult decision to make! I would if I could that's for sure.. haha

Well Family I love you all so very much! Can't wait to see that new chick-flick!
Ofa lahi atu mei ho'omo foha,
Elder Swan

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

100% Obedient 10/5/2014

This week was okay. You asked what my responsibilities are as a District Leader and I'll just tell you now. I have to teach in a meeting every Tuesday. Its our district meeting and I enjoy it. There are 6 people in our district. 2 sisters and 4 Elders! We meet each Tuesday for an hour or more. I also have to interview the investigators when they are ready for baptism. I had the opportunity to interview an investigator that the sisters had. It was a very unique experience and You can literally see the changes people make in their lives to follow Christ! There were a few things that happened during the interview that are personal but it was very good and the 20 year old boy was baptized the next day in the Ocean by Elder Lutui. 

My comp is doing good! We get along and have fun. I feel like we would be super good friends if we weren't missionaries.  

We are teaching Amanaki again tonight and are planning on committing him to baptism! I know he is ready! I read something that said "When you are searching for people to teach look and see if they are spiritual and see if you can tell if they are Gods elect" Well, Amanaki is definitely one of the elect. I have fun teaching him and have developed a strong love for him! As for Taki... Still haven't had a chance to meet with him. From what his wife says he is struggling with Joseph Smith.. But We can change that! Just need to find him time as he is really busy! Other than that, that's about it! I'm just trying to stay busy and keep working. 

I'm trying to be 100% obedient and my district likes to make fun of me for it. They always tell me it's no fun and I can't joke about anything when in reality I love joking but when they joke about things that you shouldn't as a missionary let alone a member of the church I feel uncomfortable and In that sense I'm not great at joking. So that's the struggle right now! I just have the knowledge that they don't yet have! Obedience is the first law of heaven. If we can't obey the commandments and mission rules while on the mission then how are we to expect that we will when we return home?? Just a thought.

Well Fam I love you and miss you tons! Please pray for myself and Elder Lutui and all the investigators! 

Ofa lahi atu,
Elder Swan
Kids Kaukau tahi (swimming)

Eating OCTOPUS!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This is all God working! 9/28/2014

 I'm sorry I couldn't write last week we actually went through a window into a church but after 20 min. the net shut off. So I didn't get a chance. I heard that Elder Harmon told you that I was made the new District Leader here and that my companion is Lutui... Wow right??? He just got back and I am actually really excited to see him!  I think we will be awesome together! I also have two sisters in my district who are awesome! I technically have not met them yet but they call a lot. They are the first sisters in Vava'u for over a year!! I love this area and the people so I am happy! Elder Caudill and Elder Mahina both went back to Tonga...

Swan ~ Saane ~ Patey
 We taught Saane in Mangia but she moved to my new area!!  MIRACLE!
Now we get to keep teaching her 

Elder Holland, Elder Patey and ME!

I got to be companions with Elder Patey for two weeks while I waited for my new companion Elder Lutui.

Desperately trying to e-mail our loved ones Haha

Lucky ME I got my birthday boxes

Dog Hunting.... REALLY?

This was our feast YUM!