Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Comfort in Scriptures and Prayer ~ 2/15/2015

Well, This week has come and gone! It was a very slow and upsetting week! We Worked hard everyday but almost everything we planned fell through! Which makes me feel like we weren't planning with the Spirit.But I feel like everything we tried was supposed to be done some way or another so who knows! We taught Kaloseti one time and then he went to another Village and stayed there for awhile! He is still thinking about baptism.. He keeps forgetting to pray but usually comes to church every week! We found a new investigator named Pala. He is 17 and he is the man! We taught him twice and set up a date for baptism! Now I am just praying that his parents hearts will be softened so he can go his own way and follow Christ's example he set. Honestly other than that... not much happened! I didn't walk into a gigantic house with over 800 pairs of shoes.. Hahaha. There is nothing that cool here. But I did find and teach someone who has the desire to follow Christ! We tried 3 times to teach Samisoni and his family this week but they were gone all 3 times.... His son joins all our lessons and really is interested in everything! He can almost teach us all 4 main lessons and he is only 9... So we are hoping to get him one day! Then eventually the entire family will come! That is about it for the work this week!

We had a zone meeting on Friday and I really enjoyed that! I had to teach and it was actually really fun! I think you all know how much I love teaching! That's where I find the most happiness on my mission. I could be having the hardest day of my life and be given the opportunity to teach and it will change my entire attitude around! I learned a lot and have applied it in the work so hopefully it helps out a lot! We learned about 1. Revelation through prayer. 2. How to begin teaching (I taught this). 3. We invite, they commit, we follow up. 4. And revelation through Church attendance. It was a really good meeting!

I have had a some difficult things this week but I am trying so hard and just finding comfort in my scriptures and prayers!
Anyway, that's about it for me... I hope you all have a good week! Don't worry about me either. It's just a trial God will bring me through. He is testing me. His picture HE is painting is bigger and more beautiful than the picture I see right now! So just give it time , right!!! 
I Love you all
Peace out!

Elder Swan
Sami Matakaiongo from my first area in Tofoa~
His brother was my best friend
Me and my companion Elder Naipuka
Lookin' Good in a shirt and hat Elder Pardoe sent from Australia

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Missionary work is alive in Mu'a 2/8/2015

So first off.... You know you're almost done when the office couple texts you and asks for your parents e-mail and what airport you will be flying into...

Well, this week was really good! We got off to a very good start baptizing Tu'i on Tuesday and also Akanesi on Saturday! I didn't really get to teach Tu'i but I did teach Akanesi 3 lessons before so I got to know her and I am super happy for her decision to be baptized and covenant with the Father to always remember His Son. Because I haven't witnessed a baptism since Houma as I watched each of them go under that beautiful water I felt the Spirit so strongly testifying of the truthfulness of that ordinance being performed by a man with Gods authority! We also had an investigator who is preparing to enter into the waters of baptism show up to both baptisms! His name is Kaloseti and he is a referral from the two missionaries in my district. We met him Tuesday and since then have taught him 2 lessons! In PMG it says we are here to find Gods elect and bring them home. This 24 year old man is one of the elect and it's his time to come and drink of the waters of eternal life!

This area is truly alive in missionary work! The past month there has been 7 baptisms! The members have really gotten on board let's just pray they stay on. We also found a family~ Two of the kids were baptized last week and there are still two who haven't been baptized and also their father. The dad says he believes 90% of the Gospel and he actually obeys the word of wisdom and family home evening to an extent! He just has a few questions one being about proxy ordinances... That was a tough question to answer. We answered it by teaching the Plan of Salvation. He says that we shouldn't force people to be baptized after they are dead. So we explained it to him and the reasons why we do it and that they can either accept it or deny it. They still have freedom of choice! So we are going back to him on Wednesday. I'm excited! I pray this work keeps rolling!

I met one of my old investigators from Tofoa! She was dating one of the members there and so we were teaching her. We set up a baptismal date but her boyfriend left to New Zealand so she wanted to wait for him to come back so she could have someone to go to church with. Well, I ran into her here and guess what!!! She is married to that same dude and they are going to be sealed in June!! How amazing is that! It reminds me of my purpose here which is obviously to baptize people but we must "Begin with the end in mind" which the end is God's vision for his Children. D&C 84:38

Well family!! I love you and pray you are doing well. Sorry the computers here won't let me send pictures... So I apologize!!
Ofa atu!!
Elder Swan

I am still a District Leader, we had a meeting this week with all the DL's in Tonga and it was really cool. President made the DL's sound like the best missionaries in the mission. He said that we are the backbone to the mission and we determine how the mission runs!

I found out I was leaving Ha'apai on Monday morning at like 8:00 a.m. and I was with the Zone's running around doing things until 3:00 when we left for Tonga!
Mu'a is actually a pretty big area. A lot bigger than any of my other areas besides Tofoa.
My companion is good but he is a jokster... even during lessons... it's kinda hard. He likes putting me down just to make others laugh.

I'm happy to be here but sad I had to leave my small islands. I really wanted to finish out there!!!
I love you all :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Transferred to Tonga 2/1/2015

Sorry I wasn't able to e-mail earlier!! I was emergency transferred for some reason and I am back in Tonga on the main island... I'm in an area called Mu'a. I left Ha'apai at 3:00 and yes it was very sad! I did get to come with Harman and Bunting but they will be going back to Ha'apai without me on Wednesday! My new companion is Elder Naipuka and HE is brand new so it should be fun. As far as I know there is a lot of work here and I am excited about it!! I love you all! Tell me who wins the game and send me some pictures. I will be there to watch it with you next year!!!