Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Monday, November 24, 2014

Serve and Invite 11/23/2014

Man! Everything sounds really good at home!

In Ha'apai this week was kind of slow. We had a Family Home Evening with Tevita and his wife Saane. It went really well and we are hoping that we can get Saane to open up and let the Gospel into her life.
Tuesday was the district meeting and it went really well. Elder Harmon and I taught and it went for an hour and a half. It was really spiritual and we all learned something important. I love being able to be apart of a district that is serious and loves to work! I also had 2 baptism interviews this week, one over the phone to Elder Berry and Elder Freer's investigator and the other one was the Sister's investigator! I love seeing the work move forward. Although we aren't having much success in Pangai (my area) we are working and loving the success of others!

On Sunday me and my companion were asked to speak. We both had wonderful 10 minute talks ready to go. We were sitting in Sunday School and 2 other ladies that were also talking came up to us and asked if we would sing with them in front of the entire ward in between our talks. We said yes and went to practice! Haha.. Well, it turned out that there were 6 speakers and the first two took all of the time. So me and my companion shared a quick 3-5 min. testimony and the other two ladies went for 5 min. and no song! We were all kind of bummed but it was a good meeting. The entire day was focused on Service! In my testimony I shared that there are two parts of service. The actual service part and the invite! When we serve others their spirits are more open and warm towards us. So after the service is the time to invite. If we don't invite how do we expect them to open their doors to the missionaries? They can't, for they haven't been invited to. So serve and invite and hasten the work of God!
I want you all to know I love you and miss you like crazy! Hope all is well this week!
Elder Swan  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Island ~ New Adventure 11/16/2014

Back together~ Bunting, Harmon, Swan, Freer and Berry
As you know this week was pretty great!! It was kind of bitter sweet though. I left Vava'u on Tuesday. The Zones took me to the airport at 10:00 and left me there alone with no companion. The plane finally left around 12:45 and it was a very short plane ride about 35 min. As I looked out of the window I could see my home, my family and friends slipping further and further away. It's weird, but I got a glimpse of how it is going to feel coming home to you guys! It's gonna hurt... I watched those beautiful Vava'u islands fade in the distance. Yes, tears rolled down my checks as I thought I may never see those wonderful people again... it was rough. As I landed in Ha'apai I was reassured that's where I needed to be. I walked off the plane expecting EVERYONE to be there... Well, it didn't go quite as planned. I walked off the plane and kinda sat in the airport for 45 minutes. Nobody came so somebody offered me a ride. He was a priesthood holder and I saw his Eternal Smile through his shirt. So I knew it was safe. He took me straight to the church where they were having the Zone meeting! There I was greeted by Bunting, Freer, Berry and Harmon with big hugs and smiles! It was so incredible to see my buddies again! I was correct in my thoughts... They all looked like they've been through hell and back. They were happy but this mission tears us down. But it's the Lord's work and we just keep pushing through. It's pretty incredible!
This week we pretty much just met the members and taught a less-active. This less active is now pretty strong and just got the Aaronic Priesthood last Sunday. We are trying to teach his wife but she won't listen. We have a F.H.E. with her tonight. He explained to us that his heart just aches when he walks to church alone. All he wants is to go to church with his wife. He knows the importance of Family in the Gospel and just wants his family to be together. It breaks my heart! But we love him and will continue to teach him. I already had a baptismal interview with Bunting's investigator, he got baptized on Saturday!
My companion Is Elder Tu'itavuki and he is from Utah. He is a really tall kid Haha! He is hilarious. We have a good time! The house we live in is just one room. It is very nice. We have 3 fans and there is lots of room to do insanity!
Freer and Berry just came in and we got to see them for a few hours.

That's it for our week! I'll send pictures in a different email.
Ofa atu!
Elder Swan

Love these boys

Blake and Tyler

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ha'apai here I come! 11/9/2014

Swan, Harmon, Freer
(MTC 2013)
I don't have a lot of time as things are crazy this week! So I had my heart broken by Amanaki this week. I already wrote you a letter so I won't say anything else about it. But I also had a HUGE prayer answered! I am going to Ha'apai. I will be there with Harmon, Freer, Bunting and Berry! I am sooooo excited! I will be the DL there and Elder Harmon will be the ZL. I fly out tomorrow and I'm so excited!! I love Elder Lutui! We get along great. He is staying in Vava'u and I am a little worried for him and his new companion. We dropped him off this morning so I won't see him for awhile. Helene is getting baptized on Saturday if all goes to plan! I'll be gone but I already told the Zone here so they will take care of it! Sorry this isn't a great email but I am REALLY short on time. Mom, I love you and tell dad I love him and to keep working hard! I miss you all. Have a good week!
Love you 
Elder Swan  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's slow but progressing 11/2/2014

So things this week went okay! We got a new investigator named Helene and have taught her lesson one and three and half of two. She is 17 years old! She is kind of shy but can also be a jokester! I invited her to be baptized and she said yes and so we set a day for next Saturday! I'm super happy to have finally gotten another investigator that progresses! As for Amanaki we ran into him the other day and he told us a story that I just wrote in a letter to you so I won't go into it now. But his dad still says no so I put a lesson together about being obedient to God. Yes, its important to be obedient to our parents, but when their rules interfere with Gods then we must choose God. I am going to share Matt 10:37, 2Ne 9:23, 1Ne 3:7, and Mosiah 23:21-22. And obviously explain them. I feel like his faith is strong enough that he will accept it. But if not I will support him and love him and try to help him in any way I possibly can. He is my brother.

So my comp and I are getting along pretty well! We talk a lot and have a good time together! The two Elders in Houma got sent back to Tonga leaving Houma with no missionaries! I feel so bad for Houma! When I left that place we had 2 or 3 people that would have been baptized... Not anymore... But I guess everything happens for a reason!

Man, it breaks my heart missing Riley play! I miss football so bad! But I miss Tanner even more! He always made me laugh! I can't believe the change at home with him! Hahaha!

Pres.... Never came out and I don't think he is... I do know however that he asked Elder King who has been in Vava'u the longest and King said me. So maybe I'll leave soon! This Transfer ends in December! It's an 8 week one... but there is a little tiny transfer this next week! So who knows!

Well, that's about it for this week!
I love you all too much!

P.S. I totally forgot about Halloween until Harmon text me at 10 O'clock on Halloween... Hahaha
Ofa atu,
Elder Swan

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