Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ghost Stories 8/22/13

Oh Cute!!!!

     This week has been really great! I have some days that I really struggle with! But other than that it is good. Last Saturday we had a TRC, which is where we teach someone we have never met before that speaks Tongan. It was scary! We were not able to use notes but we took them with us just in case and it really helped us because we struggled. On Tuesday our teacher said when we do progressive investigators form now on we can't take any vocab in, just our Tongan scriptures and the Holy Ghost/ Laumalie Ma`oni`oni. You really learn how to rely on the spirit and listen for guidance. But it's so much better and helps us with learning the language, but it kills us.
     I can't wait to get outta here and learn Tongan over there and teach all those amazing people that need me. :)
     Me and Elder Freer are still best buds along with my companion Elder Diehl. Elder Freer is from Mountain Home Idaho. He played football but didn't like it even though he was pretty good. He prefers wake boarding, snowboarding and dirt biking. Even though I threw him across the room we are still tight. Ha Ha.
     I want you to know all the blessings that we are all receiving, the Lord won't put us through anything that we can not handle. As for me I will be in Tonga... :) going through trials left and right! Our teachers were telling us stories about all the bad spirits and ghost stories in Tonga. It's pretty freaky stuff. Sounds like it'll be an interesting 2 years :) and I can't wait!!! I love you all!

`ofa lahi atu,

Eleta Suani

Monday, August 19, 2013

Holy Cow----week two at the MTC AUG.15 2013

Beautiful Sunsets!

Best Buds!

                                                         Wow! First MTC Hair---Cut!

Holy cow the days are long here. The weeks seem to go buy a lot faster. people are right when they say a day is a week and a week is like a day. But I'm still having a good time! It's hard doing this without you guys by my side but i know i have your prayers and support and boy am i grateful for that!!! When i work out i run jump rope do pull ups and push ups and sit ups. They have a weight room here, it is small though. My room is at a building in the MTC. I loved the doughnuts so much. I like the sweets and i want gummy bears. But we still have a ton of sweets left over. I am progressing in the Language but i still struggle. Richard G. Scott came and talked and blessed all of us who are learning a language that we will be blessed with the gift of tongues. It's so amazing! I work hard everyday. We had a problem yesterday with some of the Elders who never came home before bed, until 7 in the morning. As Zone Leaders we had to the call the Branch President and he said they would probably be sent home which made us so sad because we felt like it was our fault. They ended up getting a second chance and they have been a lot more obedient since then. I love all of them. They are my brothers,family. Its the Tongan way! I heard you've been talking to Elder Freer and Elder Harmons Moms? Elder Freer is probably my best friend here. Haha He is just like all my friends back home. we are constantly laughing. Well I miss you guys and love you so much! Stay Safe and i always pray for you.

'Ofa Atu,

Elder Swan

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don't Forget Me :)

     Just wanted to write a letter! I love writing letters. I've gone through 2 pens from writing and taking notes. I signed up for a haircut for Thursday! Nervous-- HaHa! I miss you all like crazy! I love it here, I am making life long friends. We all plan on hanging out and going on vacations when we get home. I love the jump rope the lemonade and Hi-chews, but most of all I love the quote books.
     I can bare my testimony! I bore it to 2 people yesterday, I can also say the missionary purpose which is cool. It's twice as long in Tongan.
     I will e mail you on Thursday but I love you all so much! Don't forget me :)
                                                                     'Ofu Atu 'aupito!
                                                                                 Elder Swan

Week one at the MTC



Tyler and MTC Companion
Tyler's Companion Elder Diehl

Put a Black name tag on my sons chest!
Tongan's with squirtgun
MTC Five-O

MTC District at Provo Temple

Email sent 8/8/13 from Elder Swan

 Oh Yeah!! I forgot to tell you!
2 days ago an Elder in my district came up to me and he told me how bad he missed his family and he felt sick and sort of depressed. He asked me to give him a blessing and I was so scared. But I put my hands on his head and the other Elders in my room put their hands on mine, and I cannot explain the feeling that was in that room. It was incredible and I’m so glad I am able to give blessings. The next day he told me how much it helped him and that every word i said he needed to hear. When he asked i had no idea what i would say but when i started the spirit took over and it was all good! That was an awesome experience!!

 I miss you all tho! The Priesthood does miracles Oya Wei!! 'Ofa Atu, Love You, Elder Swan

MTC Week One

(Below are questions that are getting answered by Elder Swan in an email)

I had half an e mail written but I got kicked out???
 6 white missionaries and 16 Tongans. Most of the Tongans know a lot of Tongan but not really. They can understand a lot but not speak.
My suit case is confusing.
I want hi chews and a Calypso lemonade.
I would like a LOT of quotes :)
Wake up at 6 20. Shave, shower get ready, breakfast study class till 11 30 then lunch. Study class until 4 30 then language study then gym then study then yeah. It’s really busy and sometimes class is at night and not in the morning.
It was fast Sunday so there was a missionary conference. Just like general conference! But all missionaries. And walked to the temple. Study. Sacrament in the morning. And Lots of meeting because I’m a zone leader.

 Found it. I take pictures when I remember to... HAHA.
Conner must be picky because it’s not bad at all. The soup is probably my favorite. I like it. And some of the food is actually really yummy.
I can say a small testimony in Tongan and a tiny prayer. It really is so hard. But with Faith in the Lord i know i will get it down.
 Elder XXXX Snores so loud and one night I couldn’t sleep at all. But i got my ear plugs 2 nights ago and I’m out!! I can’t even hear my alarm!! Elder Diehl wakes me up hha!
I love you all so much and i love hand written letters! That way i can write back any night of the week. I hope all is well! I miss you and love you all. Write me :)

 'Ofa Atu! Elder Swan

2 days...... Zone Leader!

Malo e lelei Famili!
     I sure could use you guys right now. This is so hard! I’ve never done anything harder. Today we had to teach an investigator a lesson in all Tongan! It was so hard, we can’t understand a word he says. We have six hours of language study a day. By 1:00 pm I have headaches. But I have huge news.
     Yesterday we meet our Branch President, he interviewed everyone in our zone, which is 60 Elders and Sisters. He called Elder Grant who is from our room and myself and Elder Diehl my companion out into the hall way. He told Elder Grant that he is District Leader. Then went on and told us that we were the new ZONE LEADERS! Can you believe it? I can’t! I’ve been here 2 days! So with that, the language and the endless days! I’m beat and discouraged! But I’ll be alright the Tongans know how to cheer us up. I’m so happy here. Even tho it’s insanely hard. I’ll make it.
     I just can’t wait for Sunday, I’ve heard Sundays are amazing here. I pray constantly for help and guidance and for you guys. I can’t wait for days to move a little faster. My brain is fried, but the spirit is always here it keeps me going, along with my companion and Tongan brothers. I don’t get a lot of sleep because some of the Elders snore so loud. Oh well! At least they sleep. I’m trying my best and hopefully God see’s that and blesses me with the gift of tongues. I love you guys so much I already miss you like crazy. I’ve got to go and try to fall asleep before they do.

 ‘Ofa Atu, Elder Swan

Arriving at the MTC July 31 2013

Dear Family,
     Well my first day at the MTC is really long! We dropped off my luggage and got my books and went straight to class.
      Dinner was okay, because I think I was expecting worst.
      My companion name is Elder Diehl! He went to Pleasant Grove and Ran Cross Country. He’s a real cool guy we get along really well. We had a teaching experience with a guy he was a sophomore in college and went on and told us a story about his brother who committed suicide, and started bawling. It’s amazing how the spirit and Holy Ghost can tell you exactly what to say to get information to help. The spirit is so strong and everyone is so close.
      I’m rooming with six Elder’s we are with all the Tongan’s, Samoan’s, Fijians and other, so it’s like a party once we all get to our rooms. I’ve had fun so far! I was just told that I teach my first lesson in Tongan on Friday! That is in two days and I know absolutely nothing! My P-Days are Thursday…. I’ve seen Zach Andrews, Jordan Beach, Taylor Dibble, Parker Roberts, Cole Myers and a few others from Jordan.
     I’m excited to start Tongan! It’s going to be hard but I’m ready. Tomorrow is a long day also, not sure what’s in store for me. HOLY COW THESE TONGAN’S/POLYS ARE SO LOUD!!! They are hilarious! I like everyone so far. Nobody is really nerdy. A lot of them play sports.
      Oh yea, send me a letter telling me where everything is! I can’t find anything.
      I love you guys so much and miss you already!
                                                                ‘Ofa Atu! Elder Swan