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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Learning by Faith 3/8/2015

I did get my packages. I got one last Monday and one today. 
It sounds like dad has a few big decisions to make and he needs to take it to the Temple. Big decisions always come up and we feel like we must ask man for help. For me I feel like I need to ask the Zones or President, but why in the world should we ask man when we have an all knowing and loving Heavenly Father. I've been studying a lot about Learning by Faith. There are 3 principles here. 
1. We need an assurance, or a problem to resolve.
2. Action. We need to do something about it.. Like go to the Temple, pray, ask, study and seek help.
3. Evidence. If we do step one and two there will be evidence. That is how faith works
In the book of Joshua it talks about these people who were asked to cross the Jordan river on dry ground. So their assurance or their hope would be "we want to cross this river." When they came up to the banks they didn't just stop and wait for the river to part so they could walk, they put their faith with action. They stepped in the water and began crossing it. The evidence was that the water parted and they crossed on dry land. I hope you can understand that. We can also think of Nephi when he was asked to get the brass plates. His hope or assurance was to get the plates, his action was going and doing so trusting in the Lord would provide a way. He went "not knowing before hand the things which I should do" 1 Nephi 4:6. Therefore his action was to go and do. He went! That was his action and the evidence was God put Laban into his hands and he took the plates!!
Do you see the importance of asking God and DOING! BE NOT HEARERS ONLY, BUT BE YE DOERS!

Transfers were yesterday! I'll be with Elder Felemi in Mu'a. I was in the MTC with him and yeah... we will see how it goes. My plan is to work him hard.  Hahaha~
Well I am out of time, we did have a baptism but I will write you about it. We are off to the dentist again for my companion. I love you all so much and will get back to you next week!
Elder Swan  

This is the nasty sucker that bit me!!!


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