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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Are you becoming like the Son? 4/26/2015

Well this week was a well needed week. We didn't have much success on the work end but the spiritual side of things were great! At the beginning of the week we started with a fast for Peni. It was us, him and his fellow shippers/friends. We did it to kind of build up his faith. He has some things that he doesn't believe in. Well, after the fast he text us and said "I believe." He has kind of been awkward about it though. So we asked him on Sunday again and he said he believes. So we set a date for next week. I pray he sincerely believes because we have worked for 3 months on this guy. Maybe I'm just doubting?? Who knows, but I believe.

This week Was AWESOME because Elder Pearson came and spoke to our mission. EVERYTHING He shared was everything this mission needed and everything I needed! So I'll share a bit from that and then we'll see where time takes us...

The very first thing that got me was this "Your mission means absolutely nothing if you don't get married in the Temple or if you aren't worthy to." Man that is straight forward. 

But the rest of his message started with the Doctrine of Christ. The Doctrine of Christ starts with Obedience. In everything we do, obedience is involved. The entire purpose of this Earth being created was to give us a place to come to and see if we would be obedient. The next is Faith. If you notice as we are obedient God pours out blessings upon us. He pours out spiritual power and faith. I've seen this time and time again as people I teach begin to live the Gospel their faith bursts into flames and you can literally see it. When our Faith is efficient enough we are given an opportunity to repent. Now I want you to think about this for a second. Why exactly do we repent?? To feel clean? To what? The entire purpose of repentance is to qualify us to become worthy enough to enter into covenants with God. Baptism and so forth. when you and I were baptized at age 8 or whatever time you were baptized along the way we gave up our agency. We have no more agency for we covenanted with God to always follow him and to take his name upon us and be His servants. We already made our choice. We chose the right. Now, if we screw up, there are HUGE consequences. That is why we MUST be obedient. And what is the purpose of Covenants? Covenants enable us to become like God. That is the only way we can become as our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. In short and Simple words, WE MUST CHANGE. Some people come on their missions and adapt for 2 years and return home as if they never left. But for me, and many others who take this work seriously and use it as a wonderful opportunity to change, True Disciples of Christ, will come, and change, and Return with Honor, and stay changed for Eternity. Not just a time. 

There are people who can do one handed push-ups and that's sweet as... But are they using all their Heart might mind and strength? No, They have two arms... Don't serve with one arm. Serve with both. Weather you are a member with a calling or not. A missionary, a football player, or just a friend. We all work better with two arms and can give a lot more effort when we use them both. 

To close it off I wanna leave you with a scripture I read this week as I was reading a talk by Elder Holland. 

Philippians 3:13-14

I ask you all to read these verses and ponder them in your hearts and let the Holy Ghost teach you what he taught me. Let him teach you exactly what you need to know. 

I love and miss you all! Sorry there are no pictures. I left my camera at home... 

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Swan

"It's not what you do or don't do, It's what you become."

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