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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baptism and Conference 10/13/2013

Natasha's Baptism
What a wonderful opportunity for me to baptize such a wonderful girl!
I love this Gospel and I love sharing it!

     Okay so this week wasn't that eventful. We didn't get to teach anyone! They were all busy and pushed it back to this week. The only two things that were BIG this week was the Baptism on Friday and Conference on Saturday and Sunday. So about the baptism! Well I was on a Vilo Hoa which is a companionship exchange. I was with the zone leader, Elder Vaea. He is a really nice guy and knows some English. We went tracting and found a few people that may be interested in us coming to teach. We will see! So Friday morning at about 7 a.m. we went to fill up the font. It takes a while to fill up. Elder Vaea said to go back with Elder Fiefia at 3, so we did. It was overflowing HaHaHa! We tried turning the drain on but the power was off. So we ran and grabbed buckets and manually drained the water. But the Baptism was AWESOME! She was so excited and kept telling me how awesome she felt afterwards. She even showed up at Conference on Sunday.
     And the other big thing was Conference! I loved it! I was REALLY LUCKY because in Havelu they do it in Tongan and English. Holy Cow was I thankful for that. It was really good and I took TONS of notes. They talked a ton about members helping missionaries! So you all better get on it and help them out. Our members here have been good! We actually got two family referrals and hopefully we begin to teach Natasha's sister and eventually families. President Monson said the work is hastening and that means each year we should have a goal of at LEAST 150 baptisms!!! Our Mission President talked to us about this on Wednesday at zone conference. So we are going to be working very hard here. No matter who you are, you can think of someone who needs the Gospel and share a small testimony.

Love you all! Church is true!
Elder Swan

Look who I got to see at ZONE CONFERENCE!
So pumped I love him so much!!!
Elder Swan, Elder Freer, Elder Grant and Elder Crosby
Missionaries from the MTC

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