Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transfer week 10/20/2013

     This week was really slow! It was the primary program in one of our wards and it was SOOO COOOOL! I loved hearing some of my favorite songs in Tongan. They also sang some in English. So spiritual! After that we taught a boy named Siale. He is 9 and his brother Kofe is preparing for a mission. Kofe got baptism a little while ago. Their mom is LDS but their dad is not. Siale wants to get baptized but we can't do anything until his dad says it's okay. So we will see. We got a few new referrals and we are going to check up on them this week. Transfers were suppose to be yesterday but aren't going to be until Thursday. So we will see what happens. I still struggle with the language and it is beating me down! Haha. I told my companion to stop speaking English so I can learn better! Hopefully that helps. I think it will, after a few silent days haha! But I love and miss you all and hopefully next week more will happen. Be safe and know that I am alright, just trying my best!!

Until next time! I love ya'll
Elder Swan

Guess who I saw this week! Elder Sheppard- We talked for a little bit, he got transferred back to this island so I should see him every now and then! He is a funny, nice kid!!!
Also my aim is getting really good! When dogs bark at you, you grab a rock and throw it at them.

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