Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mission Trails 10/6/2013

Elder Fiefia and I after teaching Natasha

     Okay well sorry it so late! We got to the church and nobody was here to open it for us. But this week wasn't very eventful. Kinda sucked actually! I've been praying for trials and guess what? I got
them haha!! We tried to meet with ALL of our investigators and only Natasha was able to. Stan totally blew us off... His wife told him we were there to meet with him and he totally just left out the back door and went to his buddies house. Man did that hurt! I love him but it sucks when he doesn't want to talk with us. So that was a trial. It's really tough to find times to meet with people! So, Natasha took her nose ring out, and the next day it was back in. I guess it is a tradition for her grandma.. Her parents were really upset when she took it out. Another trial.. But we called the zone leaders and they said just have her take it out when she is baptized then it's her choice to put it back in or not.
     I have been doing a lot to find new investigators. I asked Vika if she could help and she is working on getting us a family to teach and also Natasha's sister!! That would be so cool if we could teach them. It's hard expressing yourself in a different language. But I have noticed that it isn't me they are listening to... It's totally the spirit because I am sure I don't make much sense. I can understand a lot better though.. Which is super cool! This week was fast Sunday! I loved it. The people here are so faithful it's un-real! Kids younger than 8 bare their testimonies in English!! Better than I can in Tongan. The kids preparing for missions are so strong! They all bore testimonies and cried and you could see the love they have for our Savior! Also Natasha got up and bore hers. It's so cool to see the progression of your investigators! I love it!! She's so excited to be baptized on Friday! I can't wait!

     Oh also.. I got up this morning to go to the bathroom and walked back in the bedroom and there was a baby lizard climbing on Elder Fiefias head!! It was so funny! I swiped it off. He was still sleeping. I was trying not to laugh! And then later we found a big SPIDER in our room. It was the size of my big toe! But in Tonga that's small! Oh gosh haha---

A little boy took this picture of me :)
These are some cute kids from Tonga
Elder Harmon-- Elder Freer-- Elder Swan
Long layover in Fiji airport 

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