Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mate Ma'a Tonga 11/10/2013

Malo e lelei,

     This week was good. Silikas boyfriend who gave us Silikas referral leaves for New Zealand today so she wants to wait until he gets back to be baptized so she won't be alone at church. So he told me that when he gets back she really wants me to baptize her if I am still here. If not she wants me to come, and if I can't she will send pictures! I haven't seen Sophie this week, but we are getting a lot more people to teach. We have two baptismal commitments. Ones name is Siale and the other one is Viliame. Siale is 9 and Viliame is 15ish i think. Both of their dads are not members and we need the okay from them in order to baptize. So that's our problem! We are also teaching a 17 or 18 year old girl her name is Maiata. She is such a sweetheart, and she knows English!!! So I try in Tongan and if not I say it in English. She seems interested and we are teaching her and Siale again tonight!

     So I went on a Vilo Hoa with of the Zone Leaders for the 4th time. I got to go to his area and that was fun. He doesn't speak any English so it was a long day. When I got back my Companion and the other Zone Leader had two new investigators from knocking on doors! I tried to explain to my companion that knocking on doors works, but in Tonga missionaries don't like doing that! Every time we have done it we have gotten a new investigator. Tonight I am going on a Vilo Hoa with the ward missionaries and we are teaching Siale the 9 year old boy.
Oh this coming Friday is a mission tour and I get to see all my friends. EVERY SINGLE missionary on this island comes to one church and listens to a member of the 70's teach and talk. It should be fun! I am super stoked! And getting bit by dogs!? How! Haha just throw a rock. Man I almost get bit every day but my bag of rocks scare em. There are more dogs here than people I feel like. And they are all mean because they are abused! Sad :(  

     I got my first box with candy and my music! WOW!!! That's a nice I pod, what the heck! I was expecting an older one Haha. But I like it. Some of the country makes me homesick and sad. So I don't listen to it, but all the church music I LOVE!!! I still have a stuffy nose, ever since the MTC. I don't know what it is. I do get headaches from thinking all the time!

     Funny story- So there is a Big Rugby tournament going on and the Tongan team, Mate Ma'a Tonga (Die for Tonga) is doing really well in it. So whenever they win families get in their cars and dress up in all red and blast music and honk! Yelling "MATE MA"A TONGA"  haha it's super funny!

Love you all
Elder Swan


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