Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Thursday, November 7, 2013

No Halloween in Tonga :( 11/3/2013

~Halloween in Tonga~
My Costume
     Mom, thanks for all the updates! I like reading about back home. Riley is gonna go pro! At least after his mission of course. I miss Tanner making me laugh all the time. Sometimes Elder Kaumavae makes me think of Tanner. I'm glad Parker's birthday and Halloween were fun. My Halloween wasn't the same. I figured, but found out for sure that they don't celebrate it here. Kind of a bummer! I was really homesick on the 31st. No kids dressed up! Nothing! But i went to the store and bought $20 of candy Haha. Me and Elder Kaumavae somewhat dressed up and just laughed.
     The work here is really good. We have a baptism set for  Silika on the 9th and we have two other investigators that want to be baptized! The language is still picking on me, I think i am just thinking to much. I know it will come and have decided to focus on the Gospel and still study the language and it will come! I finished the Book of Mormon in English, but I am doing the whole "Kolipoki" thing and reading it in Tongan and English. I'm only halfway through Jacob. But it helps a lot and I can almost always understand it. I ran into a girl from Australia last week. Her name is Sophie and she is here for four weeks. I shared a little Testimony with her and asked if I could maybe share a message with her and her family. She said that would be really nice. So I'm still trying to set that up. Heavenly Father keeps putting her in my path it seems. I absolutely LOVE reading the scriptures and studying! I feel like that's all I do! I LOVE IT! Forgive me for being all over the place. 
     Oh, It is summer here as you know and I almost die everyday. Even when it rains I'm sweating way bad. It kills me but I have an important message to share and I am going to share It. Mom I miss you like crazy! Hey, I think I might have dog again tonight?? I'm not sure how I feel about it. It was good! But it is  a dog... Oh well.. I love you!

Elder Swan

Happy Halloween
Rainy Days
Cute Kids!!!

Still Raining

My District
Elder Kaumavae, Me and my District
What I want when I get home!!!

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