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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kilisimasi Fiefia (Merry Christmas) 12/15/2013

This is my Christmas tree this year with pictures of
  favorite family ornaments


This week has kind of been the same as the past few weeks! Not a lot going on. People are very busy during Christmas it seems. But we did teach 3 new investigators and are hoping to have 2 of the kids baptized this week! We are teaching Sione tonight. He is catholic and is a soldier. He is a really nice guy and received our first lesson really well. He was really into what we had to say. So hopefully that goes well. His girlfriend is a member and was the one that gave us the referral. There are also 2 kids ones 8 and ones 12 folauhola is the boy and he is 12 and felisitasi is the girl and she is 8. They should get baptized this week! 

We ended up getting phones this week. So that has really helped us with the work. But it has also added a whole new lazy we gotta deal with. Obedience is the key. And there's not a whole lot of that here. 

I went on a vilo hoa with elder tauvaka twice this week. He's from Aussie. Also today I went out with elder Gagon for 2 hours so I had to do the talking and it was so much fun. I learned more from that than with Simone from here. I had fun with it. 

Sorry I don't have pictures. I'm on an I pod because we couldn't find a key to the church. So next week ill send lots! I haven't heard anything about calling but I'm sure I will soon. Idk if I will call on the 26th or 25th my time.. So I'll figure that out. I'm really excited for this week! I love everything I'm doing and wouldn't wanna be anywhere else. Tell Lei I say what's up! She's a sweetheart isn't she. Don't waste that kapa pulu (corned beef). That's gold here. Haha 

Gotta get going! I'm sorry!! I love you all soooo much! 

Elder swan loves you!

Family Christmas Stockings

Elder Swan and Elder Kaumavae's missionary stockings

Visit from Lei
Lei brought us letters and
 corned beef from Tonga~
Can't wait to try it!  :)

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