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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Area, New Companion ~ I love It! 1/19/2014

On my way to Vava'u

Family, Friends, Lovers, Psych!! 

So this was my first week in Vava'u. I have been serving in an area called Pou'ono. It is right in the middle of town and by the wharf. It is a super beautiful place and every missionary says it's the best area here. So on Wednesday I left on a boat called otuangaofa. It was a 24 hour boat ride.. It was good but really long and some kids got sick... We stopped in Ha'apai to drop some supplies off because they got hit really bad with the Cyclone. It was so sad to see all the damage! They got hit super hard.  We also had to pick up my companion! His name is Elder Haleki from Utah. He is half Palangi (white) and half Mexican. He is 21 and went to school in Ogden. He's also a marine! Which is cool! He is super smart and teaches me things everyday! We got to our area and he didn't have clothes that were clean and hadn't showered for a week because of the storm. So our first two days were spent cleaning our house because the other Elders left it a mess and washing his clothes. A little bit about this area. It hasn't had a set of good missionaries for a very long time. Which makes me happy. That means they will trust us when they see us working and also that there is a lot of work to do here because the old missionaries haven't been doing it! So Elder Haleki and I are soo excited to get working. On Sunday we met with the 2nd wards Bishop and ward missionary leader to talk a little bit and also get referrals! We got two referrals and taught one Sunday night. His name was Tevita and his wife is a member but he isn't. He said he believed the Tohi a Molomona and also that Siosefa Samita was a true prophet! But we think he just said so to get us to leave so he could go to sleep! haha so we will work with him! We also got a Family referral and we are teaching them tonight! I'm super excited. Their son is the only member of the family and he is 12. So hopefully we can teach the rest of them. Other than that there hasn't been a lot that has happened. It's a new area for both of us so we are just trying to get rolling! Oh yeah and My comp is learning Chinese so maybe I'll learn some of that.. Haha Yeah right! I love you all so much and lets just say My last 12 weeks in Tofoa were just the pre game. I finally have a companion with the desire to work like I do and he is also able to teach me. Things are gonna be good! 

Ofa lahi atu kimoutolu,

Elder Swan
Hey dad. My area is Pou'ono. It's the town in Vava'u. I love my comp. He is
from Utah. He is a Marine..... He's a Lance Corporal! But he is a super
nice kid and helps me so much. He has been praying for an opportunity to
help a palangi with the language! We talk about military stuff a lot
because one of our ZL's wants to join too.
His name is Elder Riddle. I told him you were a
Green Beret and he almost died. He wants to e mail you sometime.

I've learned more these past 4 days than the past 12 weeks! I love it!
Love you dad! Be safe!
Elder Swan
Elder Harmon, Elder Swan and Elder Cruser

Beautiful Tongan Islands
So happy to be on a boat!!!

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