Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Best week so far! 1/26/2014

 This is my new area in Pou'ono
The water here is beautiful, it is so amazing!

Okay so this week was pretty good! It was actually the best week of my mission! I actually feel like a real missionary! I don't stay home and study all day! I go out and work my tail off! My comp and I are working super hard! We love talking to everyone! My Tongan has gotten a lot better with the help of Elder Haleki! We have 2 families we are teaching and also a few Catholic families that love us but we are trying to teach! They are awesome! It is amazing how much work two White Elders can do just by smiling and being nice to everyone! My Area is in the middle of town. It takes like 2 min. to walk there. Also the Wharf is there. It's a beautiful view! My house looks the same as my other one! All MQ's are the same, well, most of them. SO this week our numbers were really good! We work all day and our area is HUGE so we just walk and talk to everyone. We plant many seeds! This area has a lot of work for us and we love it. My comp is like my best friend and we just laugh all the time! Our district only has us two and the Zone leaders! So all of us speak English and they can all help me! All four of us are super close and it is awesome! I don't really know a lot about our investigators! But one is really shy and committed to reading Alma 32. His name is Tevita. We are also teaching a family of 8 and a family of 7 and plus the Catholic families. They are all so nice and I hope they will receive the desire to search for the truth. There is this 12 year old boy named Sione and he is the only one that is active in his family! He was the one that wanted us to go see his family! So we do and they are willing to listen but the Dad is kinda unwilling to change. I have been studying Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and found this really cool quote about friendship.  O pehe "There are many souls whom I have loved stronger than death. To them I have proved Faithful-- to them I am determined to prove faithful, until God calls me to resign up my breath." I just want to thank all my family and friends who have been faithful to this Gospel and to myself. The examples you have all set in my life have blessed me more than I can even comprehend. I also have come to realize the importance of friendship! I am striving to be friends with EVERYONE. I know through friendship we are able to share the gospel. God is able to share his love through us and that is my goal! Sorry this isn't too long but This week we will do some work and continue to progress in our knowledge of this beautiful gospel! I love you all so much! I also apologize for how big of a mess this letter is... All over the place... Also my awful spelling! 

Ofa atu,
Elder Swan

So this was another boat adventure I took. We got to go pick up all the Elders from Motu for our Mission Conference. Motu is just all the other islands with no Internet and what not.

I don't know how I keep hurting myself but I do...
While jumping off the boat onto the Wharf I slipped and smacked my leg on the cement corner. I actually fell in the ocean waist deep. I caught myself but it was a really lame awkward experience and I looked super
 un-athletic. Haha It's all good though!

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