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Friday, May 23, 2014

Transfer? Maybe ~ Maybe not 5/18/2014

Family!!! Well it was SOOOO good to talk to you last week! I'm grateful for the phones we were able to use. I apologize for the no Skype! I know most missionaries get to Skype but some of us need to sacrifice Skype. It'll just be so much more special when I get to see all your smiling faces!
We came early to email today because we may get transferred! We should have found out last night but didn't so we may find out today. So we figured we would get an email in!
Oh yeah mom! Will you throw the Ukulele tuner in the box so if I get one i can keep it tuned?? Thanks!

This week was really slow! EVERYONE of the Wesleyan faith have song practice every night so we really don't have much to do! We try and visit members and in actives but they are always gone or busy! We taught a boy named Tanginoa on Friday and it went well and I asked him if he would read the Book of Mormon and he said no.... I asked why? He said he only believes in the Bible! I explained as well as I could that the Book of Mormon is another testament and that it works together with the Bible and the only way to know of it's truthfulness was to read it. I bore testimony and that's all I knew what to do! It's on him to try! But he showed up at church during my talk in Sacrament and I made sure he knew I knew he was there and I spoke to him! It was kinda cool. He seemed like he was listening really well at church. So if I stay here he will be a priority!

I had Ota ika last night! The raw bowl of fish!  Haha it was so yummy!
Well as for last week, not much happened. I hope you can email back soon! Hey did Abe say the box was Okay??
Times up I gotta go mom! I love you tons! Remember to read the B.O.M.
Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Swan

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