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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The work is picking up~ 4/27/2014

Zone Conference

Kind of! Okay so the E-mail thing. I was not going to E-mail today because I received an answer to my prayer to be obedient to the mission rules! But then received a call from Elder Harmon who had just got of the phone with President Tupou! He said we are able to use computers at a public Internet house! Luckily there is one in our area! So we are able to net when its open! But the bad news is that most areas do not have them!  I've only known of two in Vava'u. So you are blessed! Haha! The reason why is because of Disobedience on the computers! It's a real pain because when we obey the rules and do our best we get the punishment along with everyone else. I have more to say but want to remain positive towards my family of Elders and Sisters in Tonga! It actually wasn't President Tupous call, It came straight from Salt Lake City! So It is from the Lord and it will only bless us! In a way I love it because we can only focus 100% on the work! But on the other hand I love hearing from you guys each week and receiving the help I need to carry on in my endeavors. I've been reading about Job. What a guy???!!!! He was so strong and faithful! Even when Satan took everything he had he blessed the Lord and remained perfect and upright escheweth evil! I am trying to be like him and always be obedient and thank the Lord no matter what situation I may be in because It could always be worse! I think that was from Uchtdorfs talk! One thing Pres. Tupou said was in the Book of Mormon the verses that say "it will come to pass" are incredibly powerful! Know that with every trial we receive, it will come to pass!
We had an opportunity to have President Tupou come to Vava'u for a mission Conference! He helped us a great deal in our struggles to find people to teach! After words we decided to put his lesson right to the test at our fafanga! He wants us to role play with members so they won't be scared to invite people to listen to us! So we role played! Usually the family feeds us and kinda wants us to leave! But the Lord blessed us with the entire family sitting in the living room! So we went for it! The dad (Faleula) Is usually standoffish and shy and not really into missionary work! But after a few role plays with his kids I asked him if he would role play! He said sure so Him and his wife role played for a good 5 min! It was awesome and the spirit was super strong! We challenged them all to invite the people who they role played and we will check up on them today! We also realized the Members aren't supposed to help us... We are here to help them. They are all really busy! So we are here to visit the inactive members and invite people to come unto Christ! After putting that into perspective we went our searching for Inactive members! We have 14 or so that we are gonna try and bring back and teach their families! The work is picking up!
I only have an hour so times almost up!

This is me teaching a goat, a pig and a horse. Even some animals won't even listen to us...
I was called to preach the Gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and "creature"...
The horse was not having it... He ran away 4 times but luckily
he was tied to a tree or else I don't think we would
 have gotten one word in... 
 As for things I want/ need!
Razors, toothpaste, face lotion, Advil, neosporen, band aids
Grandpas hot mustard and Salami... if possible.. haha
English hymn book one of the small ones
conference edition of the Liahona!
Letters from friends since I have no more e mail most likely!
More church things :) just the little things you always send!
Scripture tabs for my Tongan scriptures!
Small English PMG (Someone took mine)kinda.. I gave it to a member that is serving in SLC in June!
HI CHEWS!!! and See's candy stuff...
Spanish to English dictionary... If you think that's a dumb idea its okay! I thought it could be easier to learn 2 languages! Just learn a word for each one! If you can!

Times up! I love you all! Until next week
Love Elder Swan

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