Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Holy Packages, Fishing, Uke and a Fridge! 6/15/2014

Hey Family, What's up!!! Happy Father's Day! Give dad a huge hug for me! A big TONGAN hug! I loved your email's, you guys are awesome.
This week was really good, we had over 30 Po Malangas! Those are just random lessons taught to anyone. We do have a baptismal commitment for Saturday from Mele! It was a great week. I feel lazy today so no long letter just going to play my Ukulele.
I got my boxes and there was a surprise in the 5th box with A1 sauce a 6 lb. bag of Gummy Bears, pringles and mint candies... So was that Abe or You??? My new Ukulele is amazing and beautiful. I can almost play Somewhere over the Rainbow.. well I can I just can't sing it yet. Hahaha
I just wanna say I love you and I will email you next week. I loved the picture books and all the fun things, Thank you so much! Tanner! The truck looks unreal! Send pictures of it in the dark.
I love you all
Elder Swan
Thank you Abe Young!!!  8-)

~Holy Packages~

Thank Heavens... My first cold drink in a year!

My new Ukulele!  I am so happy :)

Sling Shot Fishing

Reel it in

BAM... That's how it's done!!

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