Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Monday, July 7, 2014

Best week of my MISSION! 7/6/2014

Elder Caudill, Elder Swan and 'Ema
Ko hoku famili faka'ofo'ofa!
Man it feels like yesterday I just talked to you! Well The reason may be because this week was the BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION! I'll start off with Ma'ata, Saane, Paula, Ta'ofa, and kokona! This is a family of 10 but we only got to teach these 5! The dad left when we showed up! But It was amazing! Elder Caudill and I taught really well together and they understood it all! We taught the restoration or lesson 1. Saane who is 20 took it the best! After testifying of the book of Mormon we invited them to be baptized! The mom said that they will get baptized when they get married to a Mormon! We had a laugh then we testified again and Elder Caudill asked "Is Atapani (the dad) able to take you to heaven?"  They laughed then said no. Then He testified of the gift of agency or me'afoaki oe tau'ataina ke fili. Then Saane asked for an opportunity to say something and this is what she said. "I'm so grateful for you guys coming to this poor house to bring us this message. I'm sorry we don't have any food for you, but we are grateful! I know that what you have said is true! I know that the book of Mormon is true! I trust it and believe it! I will read it and help my family to read it! Thank you!" Now if that's not faith I don't know what is!! She is an amazing girl and she is the only one in their family with a job to support the family! We are planning on going back there tonight!

We also had an investigator who is 12 that was staying at our Branch Presidents house! His name is Tolokina! We taught him all 3 lessons and he wants to be baptized so we will baptize him not this week but next week! He was a blessing in our lives and we are grateful for him!
Also 2 boys visiting from Tonga came to stay in Mangia! Sione and Sonasi! We have taught them two lessons and they take it well every time! They also came to church last week! We invited Sione to be baptized when he knows it's true! He said yes! So now we just need to get on him and help him keep all his commitments! Sonasi is an inactive member but said he would try and come back! I know they both feel the spirit when we teach! I just hope they will become more receptive to it and accept it as the truth!

Now the Miracle (All of these are miracles to me but this was pretty cool! and it goes with moms quote at the end of her e mail!) So I've been pondering a lot lately about my past work in other areas! If I was able to help anyone! I prayed and asked for comfort and all the good stuff, well God listens! At church yesterday I saw a teenage girl who looked super familiar!  I looked at my comp and said "If her name is 'Ema, she was one of my investigators in Tofoa." So we found out her name was 'Ema! I could remember her like it was the back of my hand! I remembered the lesson we taught her it was the Plan of Salvation! Afterwards she spoke and testified that it was true! Then in Sacrament I heard her testimony again and Anyone in that room knew that she knew it was true! The reason it's so great to me is because I taught her one lesson. Then transferred! To a totally different island in a tiny village! And she ended up coming here! We talked after church! She remembered my name and was so excited as was I! She told me she was baptized and I was walking/ standing on air! She is truly an amazing girl and has so much faith! Her family hates that she was baptized and it's really hard for her! But she is strong! I love it!

We also had a BBQ and made cake for the 4th! It was an awesome week!
I love you so much and can't wait to tell you more about these beautiful people! Love you mom! Tell Tanner  Dad and Parker I love them.
Elder Swan
Elder Caudill, me and Elder King
~Happy 4th of July~ 

We made cake :)

WOW ~ Looks Great!!! 

We made cake~ AGAIN 

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