Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ko Hoku Fonua eni 6/29/2014

Malo e lelei Famili!
Ene'io Beach

This week was really kind of short and we weren't able to get a lot done. There was the Wesleyan Conference in Vava'u this last week and every morning the entire village got on the village bus and went to the conference in town. It was rough on the work and we didn't get much done at all! There are a lot of people here from America, Australia, and New Zealand! All for the Conference so it's cool seeing new people but they all leave to town and it's just us in the village. We did a vilo hoa this week which is a comp. exchange. I went with Elder Silakivai to Tu'anikivale and worked there for a day! I ran in to a guy named "D" He is inactive and served a mission for 3 months before returning! He came up to me and wasn't very nice so I tried being nice and after awhile started joking with him also! Then Elder Sila asked what I thought of him, I said jokingly "Kou fakakaukau oku ne fiema'u fakatomala" or I think he needs to repent. Then He got mad and kinda went off. I felt bad but then he said something about my language that wasn't very nice and said since I'm a missionary I should be fluent because It's so easy to be a missionary and God makes it easy! I replied by saying "God puts trials and roadblocks in our lives to test our faith and patience! Maybe my language is slower than others but I can speak it and do exactly what I'm here to do! I'm grateful for the gift God has given me to speak this language! If you think life is easy as a missionary you are wrong." He got mad then started talking bad about Sila and Elder King, so Sila said alright lets go, so we left. I thought about what I said and maybe I shouldn't have said somethings but I was happy and felt good about standing up for myself and the Gospel! It's hard to do that in your own native language but in another tongue.. It was difficult but I did it and it felt great! After that the next morning we went to a place called "Ene'io" It's a beach and is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! It was so relaxing and it was a good way to just ponder!

When I returned to Houma, still there wasn't much work because everyone was gone! But we did get to meet a family of 10 who seem really open about the gospel and have friends who can fellowship! The mom is really nice and they have 8 children! Since I'm staying in Houma, They are my focus this transfer! I feel as if they are already ready! So I'm excited to get going with them and another investigator named Sateki!

I'm staying in Houma and staying with Caudill!

I loved hearing about all the fun and camping!!! Jealous... But I saw a house this week that is sticks and leaves standing as walls... IT looked exactly like dads camp and I felt so bad... Our camping is literally better than the way some of these people live... They are so faithful and so strong and I love these people!

Here are some pics of Ene'io and my week!

Ofa lahi atu,

Elder Swan

Great place to ponder

Playing the Uke on the roof at night after
a planning meeting~ Man was that a good time!

My cute friends Sala and Matiu!

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