Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Comfort in Scriptures and Prayer ~ 2/15/2015

Well, This week has come and gone! It was a very slow and upsetting week! We Worked hard everyday but almost everything we planned fell through! Which makes me feel like we weren't planning with the Spirit.But I feel like everything we tried was supposed to be done some way or another so who knows! We taught Kaloseti one time and then he went to another Village and stayed there for awhile! He is still thinking about baptism.. He keeps forgetting to pray but usually comes to church every week! We found a new investigator named Pala. He is 17 and he is the man! We taught him twice and set up a date for baptism! Now I am just praying that his parents hearts will be softened so he can go his own way and follow Christ's example he set. Honestly other than that... not much happened! I didn't walk into a gigantic house with over 800 pairs of shoes.. Hahaha. There is nothing that cool here. But I did find and teach someone who has the desire to follow Christ! We tried 3 times to teach Samisoni and his family this week but they were gone all 3 times.... His son joins all our lessons and really is interested in everything! He can almost teach us all 4 main lessons and he is only 9... So we are hoping to get him one day! Then eventually the entire family will come! That is about it for the work this week!

We had a zone meeting on Friday and I really enjoyed that! I had to teach and it was actually really fun! I think you all know how much I love teaching! That's where I find the most happiness on my mission. I could be having the hardest day of my life and be given the opportunity to teach and it will change my entire attitude around! I learned a lot and have applied it in the work so hopefully it helps out a lot! We learned about 1. Revelation through prayer. 2. How to begin teaching (I taught this). 3. We invite, they commit, we follow up. 4. And revelation through Church attendance. It was a really good meeting!

I have had a some difficult things this week but I am trying so hard and just finding comfort in my scriptures and prayers!
Anyway, that's about it for me... I hope you all have a good week! Don't worry about me either. It's just a trial God will bring me through. He is testing me. His picture HE is painting is bigger and more beautiful than the picture I see right now! So just give it time , right!!! 
I Love you all
Peace out!

Elder Swan
Sami Matakaiongo from my first area in Tofoa~
His brother was my best friend
Me and my companion Elder Naipuka
Lookin' Good in a shirt and hat Elder Pardoe sent from Australia

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