Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Getting Better 3/22/2015

I'm doing okay! I still have the rash and I feel tired and my muscles feel weak sometimes but I am doing good. I went to the hospital twice this week and they tested my blood twice. They said I could work because my blood was getting better! My joints hurt at first but they are good now. The sickness I had last year was different from this one. This was an upgrade from that sickness! There are different classes of it. I had a different type last year then got a new one this year, it's different but similar. It is from a mosquito bite and once you get it they say you can not get it again. I was inside all week until Friday and then we got some work done Friday and Saturday! We taught Sampeni and Pala and Tevita this week! They are all progressing investigators. We teach Sampeni every night now and he has TONS of questions, it is difficult sometimes but we just do our best! Pala is preparing for Baptism we just need to talk to his family!

Funny story about the cookie and muffin mixes you sent me.... I had 2 different members make them.. One was Okay but burnt and the other one was totally destroyed hahaha. She was like please don't tell your mom.. she'll hate me haha. It was so funny! She is actually the one feeding us tonight. She said she would go try to find some cookies at the fair and re-do it. The muffins were good and we still have 2 muffin mixes left and 1 small cookie mix.

I am getting better! I have to go though so I love you and miss you!!
Give dad a huge hug for me on his Birthday!

Ofa atu!
Elder Swan

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