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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There is a bright side ~ 2/22/2015

Well things just keep getting better and better..... Haha

So this past Tuesday we talked about obedience and the importance of it. It seems like this is something we are always talking about. I am so tired of being hated for being obedient. Who would have thought that missionaries of the LORD would be so disrespectful. I love the talk "Which way do you face?" It brings so much comfort in times like this. I am happy to say that I face my Lord and Savior and Heavenly Father.

On to the bright side of this week! We taught Samisoni again and guess what! He believes everything we taught. He absolutely hated the thought of baptism for the dead, now he believes it and thinks it is important. He is going to be a slow moving investigator but once he converts he will stay put! He has that type of attitude. He is the man! We are looking forward to teaching him and his family. We set up a program where next Wednesday we are sending 3 families to the Temple. He is one of them so I am SUPER excited for that. His son has been participating in baptisms for the dead and I think that is helping a bit!
We set a date for Pala this past Saturday but it wasn't able to happen. He knows it's true and wants to be baptized. So it will happen it is just a matter of time. 
I love the work part of things but the babysitting is getting really old! I love you all and hope you have a good week!

P.S. I got bit by a Molokau this week... One of those huge centipedes. IT HURT...
Love Elder Swan

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