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Monday, May 25, 2015

Miracles 5/24/2015

Fam bam can you believe it has already been another week? That means 7 more!!! This week was great with two set backs.... 

Starting off Tuesday morning was a trip to the hospital at 7 in the morning. Mom you already know the results so no need to share them with anyone else. Those of you who don't know anything don't worry about it :) things are great. After the hospital was our district meeting and what a surprise... President Tupou and his wife surprised us!! Haha at least we were all prepared and it was a very good meeting and the spirit taught us wonders. 

Wednesday was a companion exchange in which I went with Elder Tangi and Felemi went with Elder Manuofetoa. It was a good day and we got some potential investigators. Felemi and Manu went and checked on Folita who was supposed to be interviewed that day.. Well they went to her house and the people she stays with chased them away and she said she doesn't want to be baptized anymore. We have no idea what happened and are hearts are broken for this girl. I hope we were able to plant a seed.

Now to the miracle part of the week. Kofe. Kofe is a miracle. We came in contact with her in a miraculous way and throughout the past 3 weeks miracle after miracle have taken place. One night we received a text saying her mom doesn't want us to teach her again. She said she wants to continue but her mom won't let her. Well, she invited us over again and we continued, she asked what she should do and all we could think of was to invite her to ask God because He won't lead her astray and he will tell her exactly what to do. Well the next night we got another text. She said something like this "Tears of joy!! I am so grateful to have met you two and all the things you've shared with me. I can honestly say I've received my answer." We were beyond excited!! In just a matter of 3 weeks she has conquered smoking, family problems, and many temptations. To us she is not only a miracle but an example and a light in this sinful world swan diving (that's kinda ironic... Swan diving downward... Hahaha)  downward into darkness. She is one of Gods elect. She's one of the "honest seekers" of truth.  The next miracle happened last night. Another text comes in saying "my mom wants to apologize for what she said and she wants you to know that you two are welcome anytime. " Now we have ins with the family! She's been such a good example to her family they have accepted us and hopefully we can teach them really soon!! 

Last night I got to talk to Siale Tupou who was one of my first baptisms in Tofoa! He's so funny and finally I can understand him and talk with him haha. He is awesome and doing well!! His grandma who is from Koloa Vava'u is in Tofoa so I got to talk with all of them. I love that little family! 

As for Io'apa Save he is still trying to quit smoking. He's doing well and has gone from a pack a day to only 2 or 3 a day. He is progressing and he knows he can do it. He's planning on stopping by the end of the month!! We love these people here. I love them!! 

That's it for this week. I love you all so much and I'll send pictures next week.. Computers down.. 

Ofa lahi atu

Elder Swan

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