Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Monday, August 19, 2013

Holy Cow----week two at the MTC AUG.15 2013

Beautiful Sunsets!

Best Buds!

                                                         Wow! First MTC Hair---Cut!

Holy cow the days are long here. The weeks seem to go buy a lot faster. people are right when they say a day is a week and a week is like a day. But I'm still having a good time! It's hard doing this without you guys by my side but i know i have your prayers and support and boy am i grateful for that!!! When i work out i run jump rope do pull ups and push ups and sit ups. They have a weight room here, it is small though. My room is at a building in the MTC. I loved the doughnuts so much. I like the sweets and i want gummy bears. But we still have a ton of sweets left over. I am progressing in the Language but i still struggle. Richard G. Scott came and talked and blessed all of us who are learning a language that we will be blessed with the gift of tongues. It's so amazing! I work hard everyday. We had a problem yesterday with some of the Elders who never came home before bed, until 7 in the morning. As Zone Leaders we had to the call the Branch President and he said they would probably be sent home which made us so sad because we felt like it was our fault. They ended up getting a second chance and they have been a lot more obedient since then. I love all of them. They are my brothers,family. Its the Tongan way! I heard you've been talking to Elder Freer and Elder Harmons Moms? Elder Freer is probably my best friend here. Haha He is just like all my friends back home. we are constantly laughing. Well I miss you guys and love you so much! Stay Safe and i always pray for you.

'Ofa Atu,

Elder Swan

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