Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MTC Week One

(Below are questions that are getting answered by Elder Swan in an email)

I had half an e mail written but I got kicked out???
 6 white missionaries and 16 Tongans. Most of the Tongans know a lot of Tongan but not really. They can understand a lot but not speak.
My suit case is confusing.
I want hi chews and a Calypso lemonade.
I would like a LOT of quotes :)
Wake up at 6 20. Shave, shower get ready, breakfast study class till 11 30 then lunch. Study class until 4 30 then language study then gym then study then yeah. It’s really busy and sometimes class is at night and not in the morning.
It was fast Sunday so there was a missionary conference. Just like general conference! But all missionaries. And walked to the temple. Study. Sacrament in the morning. And Lots of meeting because I’m a zone leader.

 Found it. I take pictures when I remember to... HAHA.
Conner must be picky because it’s not bad at all. The soup is probably my favorite. I like it. And some of the food is actually really yummy.
I can say a small testimony in Tongan and a tiny prayer. It really is so hard. But with Faith in the Lord i know i will get it down.
 Elder XXXX Snores so loud and one night I couldn’t sleep at all. But i got my ear plugs 2 nights ago and I’m out!! I can’t even hear my alarm!! Elder Diehl wakes me up hha!
I love you all so much and i love hand written letters! That way i can write back any night of the week. I hope all is well! I miss you and love you all. Write me :)

 'Ofa Atu! Elder Swan

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