Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Transfer ~ Vaini 12/01/2013

Tili and Tyler
     Things were Ok this week! We have kinda been slacking on the work. I try but you can only do so much. So it's been very slow! First things first! I just got transferred to Vaini! I will be with Elder Diehl's old companion. Elder Diehl is now a trainer. He is such a stud! He works so hard! But I leave to Vaini tomorrow or Wednesday, which is sad because I won't hear about Silika or Maiata. But hey I think things will go well! I pray and fast all the time. I got to go to a Bonfire for the Bishops son Tili. He leaves Wednesday to Papua New Guinea! English! He is a stud. He has been one of my best buds. He always helps me and talks to me and has been a real good guy to me. I got to share my testimony and some advice with him! It was really cool! But other than that we haven't done much. I made a deal with Heavenly Father when I got here that if I read the Book of Mormon in Tongan everyday that He would help me progress in the language! Today was the first day in awhile I've seen progression! I hope it justs gets better. I still suck, but I'm trying!
People asked me if I have a fan club because of the packages and letters. I love it!

Letter to Dad,
Things are good and thanks for the updates. I want pictures of the new Thomas! Keep working Tanner hard! Get him in shape so he can come serve a mission in Tonga! Thank you for your testimony! Mine has grown so much, and will continue. I'm trying to be more positive with the language but it's still hard on me. A song comes to mind that says when you least expect the blessings from God and in the most trying times, is when they come! So I will keep trying! I'm going to Vaini with a new comp! It's on the main island but I am excited to get a new start! I'm gonna try my best to speak only Tongan, but it's hard cuz so many people know English or at least a little because in all the schools they only teach English! Crazy Huh? I love and miss you dad!
Oh and mom just so you know I may not always get a chance to e-mail. But know that i'm okay! I am in the Lord's hands! Just wanted to tell you that just in case! I love you and miss you all!
Elder Swan    

Molokau.. or Centipede- Its longer than my foot and about as
thick as a nickle.. So Scary~ And they bite and I guess it
hurts more than a bee sting. One crawled over my foot and
I kicked it off. I was terrified!

Another beautiful Tongan Sunset

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