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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Climbing Trees and Catching Crabs~ 3/09/2014

Climbing a coconut tree~

What it is Fam bam!

What's up! This week was again kinda slow! Our village is really small and there aren't very many people that like us besides the members and the kids! We found out this last week that the Preacher from the other church tells his members not to let us in or listen to us. In a way that's kind of selfish or a lot selfish on his part! He is taking away their eternal life and happiness. We had an experience that showed us how serious it really is. All the kids hang out with us and like being around us, so one day we were talking to them and they heard a car and they knew the sound of the car and they all ran and hid?? When they came back I asked why they ran and hid? They said that it was their preacher and he would get mad at them if he saw them with us! Also one of the members told us a few weeks before we came one of the kids parents beat them right in front of the Elders because he was talking to them!! So it's pretty messed up and sad! We are just trying to be good examples to the kids so in the future they will remember the missionaries and hopefully take the lessons!

Our only investigators name is Taniela (Daniel) and he really really wants to get baptized! He actually wants to get baptized this week on Thursday! But He still smokes! He hasn't smoked for a week, but I'm not sure how long they have to stop in order to be baptized so I'm calling the Zone tonight to ask! He really wants to learn about the gospel! He has five Kids and his wife is a member! She is a return missionary! So next year he wants to go get sealed with his family! It is so amazing hearing that! Because that's why we are here. To bring people unto Christ and through Him eternal life and happiness!

The Language is coming along quickly! I've learned so much this past week and a half than I have in awhile! It's cool seeing the progression! Also I took a Book of Mormon study guide from Haleki and I've been studying in it for this whole transfer and there are so many things that just blow my mind every time I read it! The book of Mormon is the best book I have ever read and I love it! It literally blows my mind! It just EXPLODES!!!! The church is soooo true!

So this past week I got to climb a coconut tree! It was really kinda hard! Mostly because I've lost tons of muscle! But it was fun! There is also a place in our area that we can get to the ocean! It's about ankle to knee deep for about a mile until it his another Island! So we helped some people catch crabs and other sea foods for dinner! It was really fun! EXCEPT, There are eels!!! We would be walking and see EEL's and just run and scream! Haha. We didn't have knives or hele pelus (bush knife) so we couldn't kill them!! But the other kids did so they would just come over and kill them! Haha It was super scary! I'll send a picture of one! 
I love my companion we have tons in common! Sports, girls haha everything! I am feeling like I know a lot of the language. I can understand most things, but have a hard time speaking everything I want to say. Our fafangas here are the best I've had since being in Tonga! Since we aren't close to Kolo (town) they have to cook and make us the good real Tongan food! It's awesome! We had crab and oysters this week. 

Well that's about it for this week! I love and miss you all! But holy cow!! It's already March 10th! WOW!!

Ofa lahi atu ka kimoutolu!
Elder Swan
Catching crabs and other seafood


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