Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Funeral's in Tonga/Tubs of Ice Cream 3/23/2014

Elder Caudill, Elder Riddle, Elder Ika, Elder Swan
Family! How is it??

I'm just in Tonga, our Branch pres told us to be quick so I am gonna summarize this week!

It was a normal week in this small town! Except there was a funeral! Funerals in Tonga are different than in the states! They Shut down the entire town! No playing music no playing volleyball , marbles or anything! And it's for a full week! They also wear all Black! No other colors.. So we got invited to the putu and went but we had to wear our missionary dress! So us being the only white people there and also wearing white shirts was really scary! A lot of dirty looks were thrown our way.. But we took a mat and gave it to the family and then went to see the body... We were in the line and I saw that every single person in front of us kissed the body.. It being too late to bail because there are people behind us and we were next, Nelisa the member we were with turns to us and says "'Uma" Which means kiss! So I kissed her then Caudill did too! It was an event that we wont forget.. Then afterwards they gave us a raw bag of meat! hahaha but I honestly believe people go to those to just eat.. They fed us 3 times... Haha!!! It was also Caudills B-day on Saturday so we got 2 big tubs of Ice cream.... Between me, Caudill, and Ika we only ate half of one together then me and Ika decided not to waste it so we promised to eat until it was gone... Bad idea.. I ended up eating a full tub... Ika is a bigger boy so He took it well.... I went and threw it all up as soon as I finished!!! Nasty!! Haha

The good news! We just got a referral on Friday and he lives in Ha'akio so we taught him and he is super interested! His name is Samiu! He is 21 and wants to learn all about it. He has talked with missionaries once before but had a problem with his family! So now we are hoping he will continue to search for truth as we teach him! I think he is one that is ready to receive this Gospel!

Other than that, that's about it!!  Ohh... I just took laxatives..... Uhh ohh!!!

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