Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two weeks is to long :) 4/8/2014

     We had not heard from Tyler for 2 weeks and it's been just about killing me waiting and waiting for an email but late last Sunday night we got a quick email from Elder Freer letting us know that Tyler was fine and that their computer was broken and he would email us as soon as he could. What a sweet and very needed email from Elder Freer~ thank you. Then I had a wonderful surprise Tuesday morning when I opened my email and saw this from Tyler.  

MOM!!! I got a chance to e mail today! So I will make it fast! The past two weeks have been..... The same!! Kinda no fun without the success, but I am so happy for all the Elders that are getting success! There will be a day!! :) But Last Sunday we showed up to church with 0 people there 30 min before it started... Finally 15 min later our branch pres and 1 other showed up... We started church with 5 people including me and Elder Katolo. Instead of bread we had crackers which was funny! Katolo blessed the bread and water and I passed! After The Sacrament was passed 4 more people showed up but that was it! Our Branch pres decided to end church after everyone bore their testimonies and we just went to all who were sick and shared a message and gave blessings! It ended up being really cool! Transfers were this week and I am staying here with Katolo! We both think next transfer we will be training.. Which I hope I train a Palangi! We have 1 solid investigator and He is really doing well. We set a baptism date for the 19th! So hopfully that can go through and all will be well! I want you all to know that everything will be okay. 
 I love you all sooo much! Miss you heaps!!
Your son
Elder Swan

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