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Monday, April 28, 2014

Another week down! 4/20/2014

~Elder Swan State Champion~
Well another week down in Houma! It's been a better week. We were able to teach 2 lessons this week... That's more lessons than we have in 4 weeks... We've been having a hard time here but I think It is slowly picking up! We are still trying to catch Samiu to teach him but His family was sick and he was taking care of them then on Friday he was drunk... So we couldn't really teach him hahaha. But we did get to teach Siosaia, he is 17 and is a pretty cool kid. He's pretty strong in the Wesleyan church but He set up a time for us to teach him today at 4 so I hope that goes well! We also got to know a girl who is 18 named Mele. She has a wild story but has talked to the Elders before! She was going to be baptized but her dad wouldn't let here. But now that she is 18 she can choose! So I am hoping we can teach her soon and give her this wonderful gift of Eternal life. There are times when I think "What's the point of me working and trying to teach these people when they don't like me or don't listen... But then I tell myself that no matter what I will try because it is Eternal Life!" So that's my motivation. It's tough but I know there are those who will take a leap of faith and grab hold of the Gospel! So I just need to find them! And I will!
 I love you all so much!!!! Fast and pray for our success and also the success of all missionaries !!!! Love you !!!!
I hope you have an awesome time in Vegas!!! TANNER HAPPY BIRTHDAY... 17 .. Holy Freak... I guess I'm next..20- We are old goobers man! Take it easy.
My favorite kid in the world
His name is Tomasi and he is our best friend!

This morning I was fighting some kids with sticks.
                   It got pretty WILD!!!

This is Sione toki, we are trying to teach his family.       It's not working out to well but he is a stud!

These two cute girls Lute and Salifaia are grading                                coconut meat.

This is a Molokau~~ They are huge centipedes and they are poisonous. Our Branch Pres. took the fangs out Haha !!!  So CREEEPY!!!!

Thanks so much mom I got my packages!
I have already finished Legacy of Faith and Joseph Smith! I loved them!

Where the Wesleyan's hang out 
Need a shave?

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