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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Now is the time to prepare! 8/24/2014

Elder Mahina ~ Elder Swan
 How are you? Your week sounded really good! My week was good also! It was short and fun! We got a new investigator. His name is 'Ofa! He is a stud! He attends the Church school in Vava'u but isn't baptized! We are hoping to get things going with him! Other than that the work was slow! Went to our Fakataha Alealea (Ward Council mtg) And the Ward fought with the bishop and it was super sad! How does the work progress in an area where the members don't get along?? So that's our problem... Also there is a family that is less active and we are trying to get them back so they can go to the Temple and be sealed! We are having family home evening with them tonight so that should be good!

So I want to focus this on my study! This week I was studying in Alma. I read Alma 43.. Verses 19, and 38.. It's about war and stuff. But I received revelation in a different way! I thought about it and it talks about being prepared! The Nephites were prepared for the war for the Lamenites. The Lamanites on the other hand were not! That's what I want to focus on! We have been given the things we need to prepare! The Book or Mormon, prayer, Prophets and Apostles! Everything! Now it is our job to make use of these things and learn and grow and prepare! If we don't do this then we will be left as the Lamanites! We will be unprepared and naked and Satan wins. Now it's our choice. In Alma 41:7 it tells us that we are our own judges! It's our choice whether we receive Eternal happiness or Eternal damnation! So be wise and use the gifts we have received and be prepared!

I love you all! Sorry time is short today!
Ofa lahi atu,
Elder Swan! 

A new friend :)

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