Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Governor's talk 8/31/2014

This week wasn't the greatest! We stayed with our zone leaders for 3 days and didn't get much done! Again the disobedience here is getting to me! I know I can't control others actions, but I can control mine and be the best example I can be to them!! It's definitely a test of patience for me! But I'm becoming a very patient person I would say... haha believe it or not! This week was also Stake Conference! The talks were all amazing! One of the Speakers was the Governor of Vava'u. He is family with the King and Prince and the Royal Family. He's been talking to the Prince and his family and the Prince of Tonga has agreed to baptism!!!! How incredible is that!!! The work is totally moving forward and when He does get baptized I can't even imagine the increase in work we will have! He was technically supposed to be baptized 2 weeks ago but the king stopped it! Right now they are threatening to take away all his things (as in making him non-prince...) But he is willing to give it all up! But they are holding off on the baptism until the King gives the okay! The Governor said in his talk "In 20 years the entire Royal Family will be members of the church! The Prince is just a start!" How powerful is that! So if this happens soon then wow! Oh and also at the conference I was asked to translate all the talks for the Senior Couples.... Holy cow was that tough! Tongan is super hard to translate directly into English! It's all mixed up and hard to put it into a sentence that  makes sense in English! But I did my best and they seemed to understand and were grateful for my help! I definitely had some help from my best friend above!

These are some pics of this week! We hiked the tallest mountain in Vava'u... It took 5 min! Hahahahaha! They had stairs to walk up! But it was tiring! Also this is the story of Mo'unga Talau "Mount Talau!" And why it is flat!

My hand is great here's a pic!

The area is a lot bigger than the last! The work is just slow and hard to get going right now! In all honestly I've been either depressed or just not happy in this area! My best friend in this area are my books for sure! Every time I see my Family from Houma or Mangia they make me soooo happy it's unreal! I would love to go and work there again! There is a different spirit about the people in those small villages! It literally is my second home! I have never felt the love they gave me from anyone else! If you guys come here, that is for sure a place I'll be taking you! I know I gotta give this area time! I hated Houma at first too but now it's my home, my family, my people! My hearts there! Haha! I'm hoping it's the same with this area!!!
I love you all and miss you all! Remember my challenge for you all to finish the B.O.M by Christmas! Don't worry about me! I'm FINE!
Elder Swan

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