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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teaching the member's 9/14/2014

Teaching school kids the Gospel
Fam bam,

How's it going?

So this week was okay at best. My birthday was alright last week . We had a big feed for all the missionaries with birthdays! It was pretty cool! Afterwards we walked to a family's house in our ward to just talk and hang out for a bit. Well, they surprised me with lu, moa, supo, ufi and all that good stuff and also cake and ice cream! What an awesome way to end a birthday with a family that is so loving and thoughtful!

Well, This week we didn't get much done in 2 of 3 of our areas as we mainly focused on Tu'anekivale. We got a referral from a member and went to visit him. We just answered a few of his questions and taught a few things and testified then set up an appointment to go back. Well we went over there after church yesterday and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He understood it very well and was super grateful that we were able to better help him understand the scriptures. At the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized. he said yes. How happy were we to hear that simple two letter word "Io"? We set a date for next Saturday but after thinking about it we think he can be ready by this Saturday so we will ask him what he thinks tonight! After the lesson I thought back to the prayer I had said before we left the house on Friday. I asked the Lord to guide us to someone who is ready to hear the gospel and accept it. It was that day when we first met Taki and now, he is preparing to be baptized. I have received a stronger testimony that God does answer prayers and listens to our many cries. We will be teaching Taki again tonight. 

Also we have had a hard time with the members here. As I said they always fight and argue and there is a lot of contention. Well I was reading in 4th Nephi and I read verse 15. (You can go read it if you want.) I thought for a second and realized that we need to simply teach the members. As they develop a stronger love for Christ they will better live the Gospel and there won't be contentions among them. So that is our new goal. Teach the members and pray they strengthen their relationship with God and each other.

Well, that's about it for this week. Thank you for the e mails. Me and my comp are doing well together. He teaches me a lot. This area is a lot bigger than Houma, and I forgot the other questions you asked.... sorry

Ofa atu,
Elder Swan
My District ~ Me and the Tongans

My Birthday Dinner

Birthday Cake

 Birthday Feast  :)
The yellow stuff is manioke or tapioka. It's like the Tongan fries...
Nothing even close to a fry... But I love them.

Coconuts ~ Our food and drink

Elder Pahulu

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