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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

100% Obedient 10/5/2014

This week was okay. You asked what my responsibilities are as a District Leader and I'll just tell you now. I have to teach in a meeting every Tuesday. Its our district meeting and I enjoy it. There are 6 people in our district. 2 sisters and 4 Elders! We meet each Tuesday for an hour or more. I also have to interview the investigators when they are ready for baptism. I had the opportunity to interview an investigator that the sisters had. It was a very unique experience and You can literally see the changes people make in their lives to follow Christ! There were a few things that happened during the interview that are personal but it was very good and the 20 year old boy was baptized the next day in the Ocean by Elder Lutui. 

My comp is doing good! We get along and have fun. I feel like we would be super good friends if we weren't missionaries.  

We are teaching Amanaki again tonight and are planning on committing him to baptism! I know he is ready! I read something that said "When you are searching for people to teach look and see if they are spiritual and see if you can tell if they are Gods elect" Well, Amanaki is definitely one of the elect. I have fun teaching him and have developed a strong love for him! As for Taki... Still haven't had a chance to meet with him. From what his wife says he is struggling with Joseph Smith.. But We can change that! Just need to find him time as he is really busy! Other than that, that's about it! I'm just trying to stay busy and keep working. 

I'm trying to be 100% obedient and my district likes to make fun of me for it. They always tell me it's no fun and I can't joke about anything when in reality I love joking but when they joke about things that you shouldn't as a missionary let alone a member of the church I feel uncomfortable and In that sense I'm not great at joking. So that's the struggle right now! I just have the knowledge that they don't yet have! Obedience is the first law of heaven. If we can't obey the commandments and mission rules while on the mission then how are we to expect that we will when we return home?? Just a thought.

Well Fam I love you and miss you tons! Please pray for myself and Elder Lutui and all the investigators! 

Ofa lahi atu,
Elder Swan
Kids Kaukau tahi (swimming)

Eating OCTOPUS!!

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