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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lord is it I? 10/19/2014

Zone Conference
Thanks for such an uplifting and wonderful e mail! I appreciate
it more than you could ever know and that picture Tanner took of the
Temple needs to be sent to the church or something because it is
amazing! It makes me miss home so much! 

This week was really good! We had our Zone Conference with President
Tupou and it was really good! It was all on Chapter 8 of Preach my
Gospel! Most of it was about weekly planning and taking care of the
Lords sheep by keeping records. We talked about D&C 84: 37-38. It says
"He who accepts my Father will receive the Kingdom of my Father;
Therefore all that my Father has shall be given thee." That's a rough
translation from Tongan! But, when we teach, that is something we must
remember! God doesn't want to just forgive them their sins! He wants
to give them everything He has! So that's the theme of Misiona Tonga
right now! "Begin with the end in mind" or "Fakakaukau ki he
ngata'anga mei he kamata'anga!" We cant just think to baptism. We
must think to Missionary work, Temple Marriages and Eternal life and
even more, receiving everything that the Father has! Before the
meeting I personally prepared myself by many prayers and a little
sacrifice that I would receive the knowledge I needed from the meeting
and continue to use it in my work! As the meeting went on I found
random thoughts entering my mind and I would write them down! One of
them was "Lord is it I?"  And Then I thought of ways I could work
harder to help the work progress in this area! While one of the A.P's
was teaching I had all these thoughts to help our investigators come
to my mind. I wrote them down and discussed them with my companion! It
was a wonderful meeting and I learned a lot! As for the interviews
nobody got one because we ended the meeting at 9:00 pm. So Pres. is
coming back this week to interview us! I'm excited!

As for Amanaki we are preparing for this week! He wasn't able to
contact his dad but we are still trying! I know he will someday and he
will be a great leader in the church!
Other than that not much happened! We are still trying to work
together with the ward. I ask that you guys will help the missionaries
as much as possible! If they need anything give it to them!  Thank
Well, I love you all and I hope this week goes as well as last!
Ofa lahi atu,
Elder swan

P.S. Congrats to Britt,  it's about time!!! I was nervous I was gonna
get married before her hahahaha! Jokes!
Elder Lutui (my companion)
Draper Temple 

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