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Monday, November 24, 2014

Serve and Invite 11/23/2014

Man! Everything sounds really good at home!

In Ha'apai this week was kind of slow. We had a Family Home Evening with Tevita and his wife Saane. It went really well and we are hoping that we can get Saane to open up and let the Gospel into her life.
Tuesday was the district meeting and it went really well. Elder Harmon and I taught and it went for an hour and a half. It was really spiritual and we all learned something important. I love being able to be apart of a district that is serious and loves to work! I also had 2 baptism interviews this week, one over the phone to Elder Berry and Elder Freer's investigator and the other one was the Sister's investigator! I love seeing the work move forward. Although we aren't having much success in Pangai (my area) we are working and loving the success of others!

On Sunday me and my companion were asked to speak. We both had wonderful 10 minute talks ready to go. We were sitting in Sunday School and 2 other ladies that were also talking came up to us and asked if we would sing with them in front of the entire ward in between our talks. We said yes and went to practice! Haha.. Well, it turned out that there were 6 speakers and the first two took all of the time. So me and my companion shared a quick 3-5 min. testimony and the other two ladies went for 5 min. and no song! We were all kind of bummed but it was a good meeting. The entire day was focused on Service! In my testimony I shared that there are two parts of service. The actual service part and the invite! When we serve others their spirits are more open and warm towards us. So after the service is the time to invite. If we don't invite how do we expect them to open their doors to the missionaries? They can't, for they haven't been invited to. So serve and invite and hasten the work of God!
I want you all to know I love you and miss you like crazy! Hope all is well this week!
Elder Swan  

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