Elder Swan is serving in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission from July 2013 to July 2015

Monday, December 1, 2014

Working hard & trying our best... 11/30/2014

So I was just informed that one of my buddies from Houma is going to be serving in SLC! I am so happy for him! I can't wait!  Saane wasn't able to have FHE because she was sick... and not progressing. I got Abe's package! Didn't last long but was delicious! Tell him thanks a ton! Just getting over a boil on my leg but other than that I'm healthy! And I did meet with pres!

So this week in Tonga wasn't that great. I feel bad to inform you guys that while in Ha'apai I don't think I will have much success. We work hard and try our best but there just aren't a lot of people here that want to listen! Even the members kind of just tell us they don't want to work! All I can really say is that I'm trying. It literally tears my heart in two seeing and hearing members talk the way they do about non-members and just seeing the work so slow. It breaks my heart. It's really been a struggle for me. As long as I invite and do my duty I guess.. It's just hard being denied all the time..

On Wednesday we went to the wharf and we picked up our packages! Me and Harmon got packages! Yes it was from you!  Thank you so much! The football came in handy on Thursday!!! Harmon drives over in the mornings and we go for a run and do pull-ups and push-ups. We're just trying to get in shape haha! I love it! On Thursday we got all the Elders that are on the main Island and played a Turkey bowl! It was well needed! We played so hard. We just had a good time and afterwards we were pretty beat up and the next few days we were really sore... But it was worth it!

Yesterday we set up a musical fireside and are planning to have it on the 14th. I'm excited and hope that it goes well! Hopefully we get some fruits out of it!

So we keep hearing that a big storms gonna hit this place again! I think it might be because of  how none of  them care haha! But we'll see!
 Sorry the net shut down earlier!!

 I love you all tons!! 

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