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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Miracle.. No way... 12/07/2014

Alright... So today I am grateful.. We had 2 miracles this week! The
entire week we pretty much just walked around tracting and giving out
and teaching about the Book of Mormon. We got 6 potential
investigators and we are excited about that. But on Saturday is when
it all happened and came together. We ate a nice meal for breakfast and
then started our fast. After the fast we just started our work like
usual and just worked all day. Finally 6:00 rolled around and we
hadn't had much success. We had a meeting at the church with our Ward
mission Leader and the Bishop so we started walking to the church and
I stopped and said "We should go this way." So we turned around and
went the other way. While we were walking down the street this Tongan
lady sitting at a Restaurant called to us asking where I was from
because I'm white. We went and talked to her and sure enough she is a
member visiting from San Francisco. She was with her husband and her
friend who was white. We started talking to them and just sort of got
to know them. After awhile I went and started talking to the Palangi
and asked her if she has ever had an opportunity to talk to the
missionaries before.. There was but she denied it.. Haha it's actually
a funny story. Anyways we started talking about her beliefs and stuff
and asked if she's heard about the B.O.M. And she has but hasn't read
it.. She doesn't know a lot about the church. She didn't think we
believed in Christ and she also thought Joseph Smith was some weird
old creeper dude starting a random church to get money.... So We
taught her about the Blue Book and I had a small English one at home and
she wanted it so we went and grabbed it and brought it back to her. When
we got back they had ordered us Pizza... Well, we ate only because she
spent 58 bucks on it. We also took her to be the answer to our
fast! Anyways we sat down and ate and had a nice discussion on the
Gospel and our beliefs. She opened up to us and told us many of the
trials she is going through and asked for advice and sought for
comfort. We taught her everything she needed and we invited her to
church. She said yes!!! And guess what?? She even showed up early so
we could teach her again.!! She came with questions.. This time a lot
harder.. But as we opened our mouths they were filled. I didn't know
exactly how to answer a particular question. It was "Why aren't or why
hasn't there been female prophets??" Man we thought then I just opened
my mouth and it came... She understood and was happy with the answer.
At the end of the lesson I asked What feelings she has had since she
has been able to read the Book of Mormon and meet with us? She said
"In all Honesty, Yesterday a few hours before you guys walked by the
restaurant I went to the beach and cried to God for help and for
answers. When I saw you guys coming I wasn't sure what to think but as
we talked I knew that you guys and the things you had to share were my
answer. "Now think if we kept going the way we were heading... We
wouldn't have ran into her. This lady has been though more then anyone
can ever think about. Things that have happened to her are nightmares
to EVERYONE. But she is so strong and willing to learn and grow. She is
searching for an answer and it only took a $1500 ticket to Tonga
to find it. I think she is happy she came!! We got her information and
are sending it to the Elders in Cali. She also said she was going to
go with her friend to church. Hey friend that was LDS had many life
problems too, and we were able to comfort her also. I guess not us...
but the Gospel was.

That just goes to show that God listens and answers our prayers
through other people. Also it shows the power of fasting. Along with
this next Miracle.

We were sitting at home Sunday night and we heard a bang on the side of
the house. We go check it out and our back door neighbor was outside
and he asked if we could come over and teach him. What??? We've been
searching for people to teach but this guy comes to us?? SWEET!!!!! We
went over and taught him! He wants to be baptized, his entire family
are members of the Church except him and he wants to be with them. I
kind of felt that he was just doing it because of his family.. So I
told him that he must do it for him and have a true desire. He must
Repent and understand the covenant that he will make. That no unclean
thing can enter that waters of baptism. And he said he wanted to
continue with the lessons and be baptized! We are so excited! I have
been humbled this week. I am so grateful for the people who have
taught me how to be strong and keep pressing forward. I'm grateful!

I hope you had an amazing week as I did!
I love you all!
The Girl we taught e mailed me and I told her to remember that the
book will change her life and she said it already has. Also her
daughter has been really drawn to the Mormons lately so I think her
and her daughter are gonna find their way!  I told her if she wants
she can give her daughter my e mail because she has had a rough tme
too! but I gotta go mom! I love you so much!!! Tell the family I say hi
I love you!

Elder Swan

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